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Is Quibids a Scam?

The answer is no Quibids is not a scam. It is one of the fastest growing and most popular penny auction sites on the internet and you do not become one of the most popular penny auction sites by cheating or scamming your customers.

Here is a list of the most common questions I get about Quibids in relation to it being a scam.

How do they make their money? They same way all penny auction sites make money by selling bids. If this is a question of yours I recommend reading my article “How Penny Auctions Work”
Quibids made a 300% profit on the auction doesn’t that make them a scam or at least a rip off? No you have to remember Quibids is a business and does not get its items at whole sale but at retail so they need to at least make that plus consider their operating cost. i.e. hosting fees, employee payrolls, and much more. Second because of the way penny auctions work, if you can win a $500 retailed item for let’s say  $20 you are still getting a great deal and Quibids is still coming out on top.
Why do some people say Quibids is a scam? I found this to happen for a couple of reasons, one being that the penny auction sites are popping up everywhere and their popularity is growing fast and this has led to a very competitive field and some sites are not above falsely slandering its competition. Second some people joined Quibids half cocked and ended up spending loads of money with very little to show for it. You can imagine the bitterness this creates and some of these people go out of their way to slander Quibids as an act of revenge. The truth is they didn’t do their homework and it’s a lot easier to blame someone else instead of admitting failure and irresponsibility on their end.
Is Quibids registered with the BBB? Yes and if you would like to check out their standings there is a link on the Quibids site that will take you there. You will be able to read any grievances that have been brought forth and how Quibids and the BBB handled each situation.
If you win do you really get your item? Yes I actually have a video in the video library titled “Quibids is not a scam” where I show the entire process that takes place after you win an auction.
Dos Quibids bid on its own auctions to make to prices go up? While this would be very hard to catch and is a real concern in the world of penny auctions, Quibids clearly states in its users agreement that employee’s or anyone acting on behalf of an employee or any of the employee’s family members are not allowed to bid on the Quibids website and is grounds for termination if found to be in violation. That said if you were able to prove you were cheated you would have very strong grounds with the BBB and would likely result in a full refund and the opening of a large investigation into the site by the BBB. It would also be extremely bad press for Quibids if this was the case. Needless to say Quibids has more to lose then you do by doing this so I deem it very unlikely they would ever drop to such dirty tactics.